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If you’re looking for a fundraiser that will make your organization a lot of money but without a lot of trouble, the Wallis RainX Ultimate Car Wash Fundraising Program is the one for you.

It’s easy!

There are no complicated forms to fill out and you don’t have to make arrangements to deliver products at a later date. It’s easy for kids of all ages. You just sell car wash coupons and collect money. Over 3,000 people a day use a Wallis car wash. Now they can buy one from you at a discounted price.

It’s profitable!

For every $8 RainX Ultimate Car Wash coupon you sell, your organization keeps $3. You don’t have to sell high ticket items to meet your fundraising goals.  As a bonus, if you sell over 250 coupons, your organization earns an additional $1 for every wash sold.

It’s a deal!

Everyone who owns a car needs a car wash and the RainX Ultimate Car Wash is a value. Usually priced at $10, you’re giving your customer a great bargain for only $8!

It’s local!

RainX Ultimate Car Wash coupons are good at any of the 30 St Louis metropolitan Wallis Companies locations. Your fundraising efforts will be driven by a nationally recognized — but locally owned — chain of Mobil stations.

250 coupons = $750 profit + $250 bonus
500 coupons = $1500 profit + $500 bonus
1000 coupons = $3000 profit + $1000 bonus

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  • Talk to the Store Manager at your local Mobil station.
  • Sign the one page fundraising agreement form.
  • Allow two weeks for receipt of your coupons.
  • Start selling!

How do we sell the coupons?

Many charities set up a table at a local grocery store or bank and sell the coupons. Other organizations sell the coupons at school sporting events, local community events or to friends and family.

How much time will we have to sell the coupons?

Under normal conditions, the organization is given 30 days to sell the tickets. Extended time is available if needed.

How many coupons may we sell?

Coupons are available in blocks of 100 coupons. The minimum order is 100 coupons and there is no required maximum order. Additional coupons may be requested during the 30 day program.

Do all car washes accept the coupons?

Coupons are valid at all Wallis Companies owned and operated car wash sites located throughout the St Louis Metropolitan area. A list of car washes may be found on the car wash coupon or below.

Do we have to pay for the coupons in advance?

No. We ask for a credit card number or a group check at the time that the coupons are delivered to your organization. When your organization is finished selling the tickets, you return $5 for each sold coupon and return the unsold coupons. We return your original credit card voucher or check.

Participating Mobil and On the Run car wash locations:

  • 102 Truman Drive, Cuba
  • 214 West Pine, Bourbon
  • 1710 North Bishop Ave, Rolla
  • 101 State Road B, St James
  • 122 St Robert Blvd, St Robert
  • 1632 Highway Z, Pevely
  • 8566 St Charles Rock Road, Charlack
  • 1266 Doughtery Ferry Road, Valley Park
  • 6191 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, St Peters
  • 13553 Riverport Drive, Maryland Heights
  • 9950 Bid Bend Blvd, Crestwood
  • 1000 Bowles Avenue, Fenton
  • 1401 South 5th Street, St Charles
  • 4501 Highway K, St. Charles
  • 1325 North Main, O’Fallon
  • 1815 West Osage, Pacific
  • 620 South Truman, Festus
  • 771 North Service Road West, Sullivan
  • 2600 Lemay Ferry Road, Mehlville
  • 16509 Old Manchester Road, Grover
  • 11109 Olive Blvd, Creve Coeur
  • 14905 Clayton Road, Chesterfield
  • 4132 North Highway 67, St Louis
  • 5840 South Lindbergh Blvd, St Louis
  • 9371 Olive Road, Olivette
  • 203 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, St Peters
  • 9405 Page Avenue, Overland
  • 1111 Main Street, Imperial
  • 42 W. Highway N, Wentzville