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Bill Wallis Charitable Foundation

Foundation Logo The Bill Wallis Charitable Foundation was created on March 15, 2001 when our Company’s Founder, Bill Wallis, died of melanoma. The initial funds for the foundation were generated from donations from over 400 employees, business associates, family and friends upon Bill’s death. On-going funds are generated from many of those same individuals as well as many more who contribute to and participate in the Bill Wallis Annual Golf Tournament, as well as contributions given in honor, in celebration or in memory of someone. The funds are used to award scholarships to Wallis Companies’ employees, their children, Wallis Companies’ dealers or their children or a Wallis Companies vendor. 

Scholarship applications are due by March 15th each year.  Click here for the scholarship application.  For more information about the Foundation or the scholarship, please visit the website or contact Laura Wallace at (636) 549-1601.

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To date, we have awarded $264,000 in scholarships.

Past Recipients:
2001: Jerri Ann Guffey, Chad Peanick
2002: Sarah Scharfenberg, Shane Byar
2003: Michael Stewart, Samantha Conway, Candice Barton, Trisha Peanick
2004: Jacob Wilson, Gabe Williamson, Brandi Branson
2005: Zach Bluestone, Amy Kalloch, Rebecca Close, Whitney Hunt
2006: David Sahm, Caitlin Hurlbut, Mizuki Taira, Beverly Wagner
2007: Tiffany Branson, Omnia Salem, Cody Marett, Krystelle Lamczyk, Langston Antosek, Emily Gentemann
2008: Andrew Martinovich, Nicholas Alexander, Amanda Kamler, Jordan Compton, Michael MacGregor, Bryce Brown, Lauren Herman
2009: Amber Branson, Megan Cain, Ellie Rodenberg, Hannah Schuckmann, Ashley Thomas
2010: Alex Bluestone, Justess Viehman, Madelyn Alexander, Lindsay Rodgers
2011: Tyler Kummer, Rim Mekonnen, Kaitlin Rolig, Morgan Hubbard
2012: Alexandrea Usery, Sydney Compton, Dalton Brown, Eric Wright, Josh Staples
2013: Laura Sarles, Joseph Lochner, Alex Garber, Alyssa Goodman, Courtney Meek
2014: Matthew Schneider, Collin Avery, Megan Duvall, Jessica Kline, Shea Compton, Austin Burlage, Kala Cain, Hannah Hercher
2015: Hannah Peak, Jake Lochner, Hayley Portell, Chase Timmons, Sabri Safi, Jay Alexander, Kyra Barillier
2016: Elizabeth Beers, Garrett Steger, Olivia Biele, Kaleigh Meek, Ethan Zirkle
2017: Jenna Lochner, Nathan Rodenberg, Evelyn Stone, Lexie Huerta, Savanah Seyer, Jack Rottinghaus
2018: Raegan Holland, Layla Safi, Max Ryle, Nathanael Burrus, Zachary Drummond, Makenzie Mulkey, Mackenzie Portell, Jacob Kroger
2019: Aaron Henrich, Sophia Safi, Ethan Light, Connor Purtle, Juliana Dennison, Sonya Timchenko, Lauren Bergin